Supercharge your taxi business with Droptaxi 2.0

A full-featured white-labelled taxi software suite

A complete fully customizable software solution for your ride hailing business

Thinking of starting an online taxi business like uber or you have a taxi business already and need the right software to take it to the next level? Droptaxi has got everything you need to succeed.

Advanced hailing platform

Droptaxi is technically advanced yet simple to use. We have dedicated so much time and effort in developing Droptaxi using the best software tools in the business.

Global Operation

Droptaxi works in most cities in the world. With support for most countries, currencies and languages including RTL (Right-to-left languages).

Platform automation and intelligence

Droptaxi puts to good use the speed of todays computer and smartphones in ensuring that as many parts of the online taxi transport operation is automated. This reduces running costs and boost profits for your company.

Multi-platform software

Droptaxi software suite is comprised of a Rider App, Driver App and Web Admin panel. The Apps are built for Android and iOS platforms. The web admin panel runs on a remote server and can be accessed through a web browser.




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Droptaxi software

Rider App


Droptaxi apps have been designed to be functional, beautiful and easy to use. The rider app provides customers an easy means of requesting rides instantly or scheduling a ride in future. Customers can also get real-time alerts about their trip status through push notifications. The rider app boasts of so many interesting features.

Multi-language and Currency support

Droptaxi supports multiple languages and all currencies in the world. Easily switch languages on the rider and driver apps. Droptaxi 2.0 default languages include English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese. Any language can easily be added by following simple steps explained in the Documentation.

Multiple Destinations, Favourites and Recent Places

Droptaxi allows customers set multiple destinations when booking a ride. Customers can set between 1 to 3 destinations. When a driver receicves a multiple destination trip request, intermediate destinations appear as stops before the customers final destination.

Customers can bookmark locations as favourites. Favourite locations can be saved as Home, Office or Market. Droptaxi keeps track of customers most recent destinations and displays them as shortcuts for quick access.

In-app Chat, Location Share and Driver Details

Realtime in-app chat enables customer and drivers keep track of each other. This comes in handy before the start of a trip when the driver needs to know the status of the rider or vice versa.

With location share, customer can share their current location during a trip with their loved ones so they can keep keep track of the rider's location.

Customer can get extra details about their assigned driver such as when the driver joined the service, numer of trip completed as well as comments and ratings of the driver by other riders.

Promotions, Rewards and Driver Tips

Promo codes give customers set discounts in rides. Promo codes can be created in the web admin panel. Promo code has an expiry date as well as vehicles and cities it is valid.

Rewards makes it possible for customers to earn points while using the service. Points can be redeemed for money towards trips on the service.

At the end of a trip, customers can tip their drivers. The available driver tip amounts can be set from the web admin panel.

Features List

Rider App Features


Profile information such as phone, email, picture and password can be updated


Easily change the language all text is displayed in. Any language can be added too.


All currencies in the world are supported. Add currencies from the settings page in the web admin panel.


Customers can set up to 3 destinations when booking a ride. These destinations can act as stops or define a route for the driver to follow.

In-app Chat

Customers and drivers can chat in realtime. In-app chat allows customers know the status of their drivers or vice versa.


Customers can earn reward points for money they spend using the service. Reward points can be redeemed for cash in wallet towards the next trip.

Driver Tips

Customers can tip their drivers at the end of a trip. Preset tip amounts can be set from the web admin panel.

Driver Information

When a driver is assigned to a booking. Customers can view information about the driver such as number of completed, cancelled and rejected trips, comments and ratings by other customers.

City Ride Tariffs

Different ride tariffs for cities and vehicles are available such as day/night tariff, surge/peak time, pickup and dropoff costs, cost per kilometer, cost per minute.

Intra City | Inter State Rides

Intra city rides allows customers take trips within a city. Inter state rides allows for trips between preset locations at a fixed defined price.


Multiple vehicle type is supported for each city route in addition to different tariff structures.

Referrals | Promo Code

Customers can get a discount on trips when they invite a friend to register on the service with their referral code. Promo codes allow for predefined discounts on trips for specific cities and vehicle types.

Scheduled Rides

Customers can shedule a ride for a later date and time. The customer will be notified 15 minutes to the time before a driver is allocated for the booking.

OTP Code

A One-Time-Password secures a trip and ensures drivers don't cheat. OTP can be set to be requested on the driver app at the start or end of a trip. It can also be disabled from the web admin panel.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay for trips with cash or through the app wallet. Funds can be added to the wallet using a credit card through a secure integrated thrid-party payment gateway.

Help Guide

A help guide in the App allows informative content to be provided to the customer to browse through and learn more about using the service. Content of the help guide can be created through the web admin panel.

Droptaxi software

Driver App


The driver app enables drivers receive and service ride requests from customers. At the end of every trip, the driver earns a commision which is added to the driver's virtual wallet. A driver can request for cash out from the wallet to his bank account if the amount is above a set threshold.

Clean and Functional

Smart design choices of the driver app enables the driver get at-a-glance information of his progress right from the home screen of the app.

The home screen displays the number of trips completed by the driver for the day, Total day earnings and amount of time spent online.

Drivers can also see their current location on map as well as toggle between online and offline status from the home screen.

Easily Handle Ride Requests

Ride requests are displayed in full screen with detailed information abut the time and distance of the driver from the customer, estimated ride tariff, payment method, customer's name and rating, as well as the pickup and dropoff locations of the customer.

Drivers can decide to accept or reject a trip request. Once the driver accepts a trip request he is presented with a nice view showing directions to the customer's pickup location. A series of buttons on this view allows the driver perform actions such as calling the customer, chat, share his current location with friends or loved ones, zoom in / zoom out to the cutomers location, use google maps, waze or any external map app for navigation.

Background Mode, Trip Meter and Customer Details

Droptaxi 2.0 driver app now has backgound mode operation enabled. Usually Android and iOS freeze an app when a user switches to another app. With background mode, the driver app keeps working even when not in the foreground. This allows your drivers use other apps along with Droptaxi.

Droptaxi driver app intergrates a trip meter. Once the driver begins a trip, the trip meter is displayed. The distance travelled and duration of the trip is recorded in realtime. If 'Bill with computed fare' is enabled in the web admin panel, the trip fare is calculated at the end of the trip using the result of the trip meter otherwise Google maps estimated distance and duration is used.

As with the customer app, drivers can get details of the current cutomer such as date registered, number of trips completed and cancelled as well as comments and ratings of the customer by other drivers.

Driver Earnings History

Drivers can keep track of their earnings for each day. A calendar allows drivers easily select a past date and view a list of their earnings for that date.

Each earnings list item displays information such as the amount earned by the driver, the trip fare and the company commision. Tapping on the earnings list item displays a detailed page of the trip details.

Driver Referrals and Promotions

Grow your business by incentivizing your drivers inviting their friends to drive in the service using referral codes. When their friends register with their referral code they and their friends earn some money when their friends complete a referral task.

Drivers can track the progress of their invited friends on the referral task as well as their own progress for another driver who referred them.

Promotions enable drivers earn extra money when they complete a set number of trips in a set number of days. Driver Referrals can be configure in the web admin backend.

Features List

Driver App Features


Profile information such as phone, email password can be updated


Easily change the language all text is displayed in. Any language can be added too.


Every commision earned by the driver is logged and can be accessed anytime by the Driver. A calendar allows the driver view earnings records for each day.

Trip History

View details of every trip. Records of every ride is stored such as current, completed and cancelled trips.

In-app Chat

Customers and drivers can chat in realtime. In-app chat allows customers know the status of their drivers or vice versa.

Trip Meter

Once a ride is started, the driver App displays and calculates in real time the distance traveled and time spent on the ride. At the end of the ride, an actual fare is computed using the total time and distance covered for the ride.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can control when they want to receive ride requests and when not to through an online / offline button toggle.

Customer Information

When a driver is assigned to a trip request, the driver can view information about the customer such as number of completed and cancelled trips, comments and ratings by other drivers.


Drivers can get navigation guides to a rider's pickup and drop off location. Turn-by-turn navigaion is also availale through Google Maps or Waze.

In-app Registration

The driver App supports driver registration. Drivers must provide personal details, vehicle documents, and bank details to register through the App.

Time Online

Drivers can easily keep track of how long they have been online driving. This helps the driver decide when on when to take a rest.

Referrals | Promotions

Driver can invite their friends to register with their referral code an they both can earn extra money. A driver can track his referrals to see the progress they've made and motivate them when necessary.

Drivers nearby

The map is periodically updated with locations of other nearby online drivers . This allows drivers see locations where there might be higher demand.

Comments and Ratings

At the end of a trip, Drivers can rate the customer as well as drop a comment on their ride experience with the customer. Customers can also do the same on theeir app.


Drivers earnings per ride are added to the wallet. Drivers can cash out from wallet to their bank account when wallet amount exceeds a set threshold. Also, company's commision for trips paid for with cash are deducted from the driver's wallet.

Help Guide

A help guide in the App allows informative content to be provided to the customer to browse through and learn more about using the service. Content of the help guide can be created through the web admin panel.

Droptaxi software

Web Admin Panel

Smart, Powerful and Robust

The Web Adimin. Panel is the central administration area of DropTaxi. Through the Web Admin. Panel it is possible to manage the operation of every part of the service. Some common tasks that can be performed through the panel includes Customer, Staff and Driver account management, App management, Vehicle and City / Tariff management, Ride Tracking, Referrals, Coupon codes, Broadcast notifications, Operations statistics / Reports, Payouts, Bookings management and so much more. The Web Admin. Panel supports four privilege account types: Franchise, Dispatcher, Biller and Administrator account types

Dashboard Stats and Bird's Eye View

Quickly get daily at-a-glance information of how your business is doing right from your the web panel dashboard. View new bookings, customers, drivers online and money earned for the day.

View every driver's location on the dashoard map. Click on a driver icon to see the name and view their profile. You can narrow your view to specific city drivers or a particular driver as well.


Add all the vehicles you want available on your service in one place. You can Enter name and description for each vehicle, Set the vehicle visibility on the apps using the availablity toggle.

Vehicles added appear on the app in the same order they were added.

Fleet Management

Add and manage fleets of other affiliate companies easily from the web panel. You can have drivers from an affiliated company registered under your service. When these drivers complete a ride your company and the affiliate company share a commision based on a percentage set on the web panel.

A franchise account allows affiliate companies login and view the progress of their drivers as well as request for payout of their earnings through their account dashboard.

Booking Management

Manage all booking from the web admin panel. Status of every booking is displayed, whether pending, on-ride, completed or cancelled. Active boking can also be tracked on the map near-realtime.

View detailed information of every booking. Pickup and Drop off locations displayed on map, detailed trip financials including driver and company commision split, Times driver arrived, trip started and completed. Also view comments and ratings for customer and drivers for the booking.

Driver Management

Add and manage drivers easily. Get the status of every driver. See the number of referrals, completed, cancelled, and rejected trips. All transactions, withdrawal requests, bookings and documents. You can also send realtime messages to any driver and much more.

Cities and Ride Tariffs

Add cities where you want your service to be available. Set boundaries on the map, currency and distance unit for each city. Add vehicles for each city and enter ride tariffs for the vehicles of that city. Peak / surge days and times can also be set for each vehicle in that city


Configure how the system operates from the settings page. Through settings, you can set driver maximum distance to recieve ride requests, enable or disable OTP, select payment methods, configure firebase, payment gateways and apps, setup email sent after a customer and driver registration, requests for password change, and so much more.

Droptaxi Software Pricing

Choose the right plan for your business



  • Full software suite
  • Source code access
  • Single domain license
  • Apps and Server setup
  • Language translation and integration
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Technical support



  • Full software suite
  • Full Source code access
  • Multiple domain license
  • Apps and Server setup
  • Language translation and integration
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Technical support (2 Months free)

* All plans require an initial purchase from codecanyon

Try Droptaxi for yourself

Droptaxi software is available for Android and iOS. Download the demo app from the App stores and test Droptaxi for yourself.

Rider App:
Driver App:

Take a look at the web admin panel. Login with the following details:

Account type: Admin


Password: Droptaxi


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Droptaxi work?

    Droptaxi allows customers request rides to take them to their destination using a phone. When a customer books a ride from Droptaxi rider app running on his phone, the request is recorded on a remote server running the Droptaxi server software. The automatic dispatch service of the Droptaxi server software which is always running on the server picks up the ride request and checks for the nearest driver to the customers pickup location. When a driver is found, a realtime notification is sent to the driver's phone running the Droptaxi driver app. The driver sees the notification and accepts the ride request. A notification is then sent to the customers phone running the Droptaxi riders app. The rider app displays information about the driver and how long it will take the driver to arrive. When the driver arrives, he notifies the customer through his app. The customer joins the driver and the driver starts the trip, he also notifies the customer through his app that the trip has started. When the driver reaches the customer's destination, he indicates the trip has completed on his app and a notification is sent to the rider indicating the end of the trip as well as the fare. The customer can either pay with cash or through the virtual wallet in his app. After the rider has paid for the trip, the company commision is deducted from the drivers app virtual wallet and the rest is paid to the driver.

  • Droptaxi is developed with several software technologies. All of which come to play to make Droptaxi run effectively.The Droptaxi rider and driver apps available for Android and iOS are based on native plugins running on Cordova. The native plugins are written in Java for android and Objective-C for iOS. This gives the apps a fast and smooth native performance. The business logic of the apps is controlled using Javascript. On the server end, Apache server is used with native PHP running mysql database. For mapping functions across the apps and web admin panel, Google maps is used. Firebase Cloud messaging and Firebase Realtime database allow for realtime notifications to be sent from server to app and from app to app.

  • Droptaxi requires a VPS or dedicated server to run. Shared hosts are not supported. Minimum server requirements are: 1GB RAM, 1 core CPU, and 20GB SSD. Operating system should be Linux (Ubuntu Preferrably). Depending on the number of drivers and trip requests per minute, a higher spec'd server will be needed. For instance, a business with 500 drivers online at a time will need a server with at least 8GB RAM and a 4 Core CPU. For 1000 drivers online, it will need a server with double the RAM (16GB).

  • Yes. You can upgrade to a higher price plan to unlock higher number of active drivers at any time.

  • Aside the unlimited plan which allows for unlimited domain installations, Droptaxi license is a single domain license. This means you can only run droptaxi on a single domain it is licensed to. This does not limit the number of installations you can have on that domain. You can install multiple instances of droptaxi on different sub-domains but yet on the domain it is licensed.

  • Yes. Customizations can be added on client request. Prices for customizations depend on the complexity of such customizations and how long it will take to implement. Also, outside of the free support period offered in some price plans, additional supports costs $200 per month.

  • Droptaxi ships with the following payments gateways: Stripe, Paystack, PesaPal, Midtrans, Payku, Paymob and Flutterwave. New payment gateways are always added in every update. If your payment gateway is not in the list, get in touch with us to discuss the costs of adding your desired payment gateway.


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